pcd pharma calculator

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What is PTR and PTS ?

PTR and PTS are important metrics in the pharmaceutical industry that determine how products can be priced and if they will be profitable. PTR is the price at which a manufacturer sells its Products To a Retailer, while on the other hand PTS is the price at which a manufacturer sells his Products To Stockiest or distributor.
Their role is critical in manufacturing, distributing and retailing of drugs as they directly affect net profit margins. Accuracy in calculating PTR and PTS calculator is very vital for maintaining sustainable business model as well as ensuring market competitiveness. This information helps pharmaceutical professionals make informed choices concerning pricing, cost, and profitability.

Importance of PTR and PTS Calculator in the pharmaceutical industry

In such a context, determining the correct PTR and PTS is very crucial for companies to remain viable and profitable. This has an effect on the profit margins of businesses and also has an influence on the retail purchasing decisions.

Meanwhile, pricing, demand, and profitability are some of the things considered by retailers and stockists when evaluating potential pharmaceutical products. Manufacturers can attract more retailers and stockists if they offer competitive PTR and PTS Also, accurate calculations of PTR and PTS help the manufacturers find a balance between profits and affordability which makes their products attractive to end consumers.

How to calculate PTR and PTS

PTS = PTR – Stockist %

MRP = 100
Retail % = 20 %
Stockist % = 10%
GST% = 12 %
Net Margin = MRP – Retail %
100 – 20% = 80
GST Factor = 100 + GST% / 100
100 + 12 / 100 = 1.12
PTR = Net margin / GST Factor
80 / 1.12 = 71.42
PTS = PTR – Stockist %
71.42 – 10% = 64.28

Tools for calculating PTR and PTS