Research & development

Research & development wing of Axodin Pharma reserch on new drugs. . This R&D centre is accredited with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Axodin Pharma is fully equipped with sophisticated modern infrastructure and is committed to provide innovative novel solutions to fulfill the unmet medical needs around the nation. Axodin Pharma is dedicatedly working on the develop novel, innovative research products at par with the National quality standards.
Axodin Pharma is not merely a Research & Development cell; rather it is a Wealth Creation Centre for the Company. Axodin Pharma has also a manufacturing plant.

Intellectual Property

Axodin Pharma IP division is constantly catering to the needs of R&D in terms of protecting the intellectual property and commercializing the same. It is extensively engaged in assessing inventions and discoveries for patentability, preparing and prosecuting corresponding patent applications all over the India. The division is also instrumental in creating Trade Marks and copyrights. And most importantly the division is playing a pivotal role in commercialization of R&D products and reaching different shores across the nation.