Quality Policy

We at Axodin Pharma deliver customer satisfaction with a team of motivated, empowered and trained professionals. We ensure value for money by developing innovative, safe, effective and consistent quality products through stringent cGMP, cGLP and ERP implementation backed by continuous improvement.


Axodin Pharma delivers superior product and customer value through an ongoing compliance with the most demanding quality standards.

Safety Management

Safety Training:

The Company ensures that every team member is capable of handling emergency situations at all the times. It organises regular class-room and practical training through government approved agencies.

Evacuation plan:

The Company’s safety programs are based on emergency evacuation plans. The team is kept informed about the updated documents; the facilities are well indicated with assembly points.

Fire Equipment:

The Company’s facilities are equipped with sophisticated fire fighting infrastructure. It conducts mock drills periodically and up to 150 member are trained to manage the fire fighting equipments. Its critical areas (general warehouses and finished goods warehouses) possess smoke sensors with multiple alarm systems.

Environment Management

Axodin Pharma is committed to comply with all the applicable legal environment requirements and has taken a number of initiatives to benchmark its environment management standards to international levels for which it is accredited with the ISO 14001: 2004 (for environment management) certification.

All its operating practices are based on the principles of efficient resource (material and energy) utilisation. The Company substitutes hazardous materials and recycles resources to the extent possible. It does not generate harmful and chemical wastes; it possessed a full fledged effluent treatment plant to process plant waste.